Treat Your face with Quality Ingredients – Nok Yong Pack by History of Whoo

I had been a big fan of History of Whoo for a couple years. This is a cosmetic brand under LG Corp. In Korea’s skincare and cosmetics world, History of Whoo is more of a higher-end product with a slightly higher price point. I’ve tried several of their products and liked them. Their skincare doesn’t give me any skin irritation and always left my skin nourished with a very natural scent. Their makeup products contain natural nourishing ingredients that are based on the ancient Chinese medicine. Never had I have any skin issues with their products.


I’m currently using a couple of their products in my skincare routine, but today I want to briefly talk about their Nok Yong Pack, a mask that when applied to face would warm up the surface of your skin to revitalize skin’s circulation ability. It’s said to contain a very expensive Chinese medicine ingredient – deer velvet, which is only available from the upper north end of China and some higher mountains. A popular medicine and skincare ingredient for the royalties in ancient China and Korea.


This tube of Nok Yong Pack cost around US$70-72 for 30ml and it contains 5% of such ingredient along with royal jelly, plant based amino acids and a bunch of other plants and herbs extracts. Very luxurious! 🙂 


The packaging is very secured, and you won’t accidentally squeeze out too much product. It’s very easy to control the amount of product you want to use for the whole face.


The formula is a liquidy paste with a yellowish-grayish color. Once it’s applied onto skin you could immediately felt your skin warming up. This sensation lasts about 10 to 15 mins but your skin stays warm until you wash it off. For this mask, it’s recommended to have it on your face for 15 to 20 mins for maximum effect.

I’ve been using this mask for several times now. About once a week or twice a week. I felt that it opens up my pores and really nourishes the skin. After using it my face looks slightly brighter and I’d always see a very healthy glow the morning after.


I’d not say the warm sensation is the highlight for this mask because there are a lot of other masks that do the same thing. What makes this mask so appealing is the deer velvet and the royal jelly, and how these ingredients get absorbed into your skin through the warm temperature that the mask created. If you are looking for skincare with lots of high-end herbs and ginseng, History of Whoo is definitely a good option.❤️


Author: Tracy @ Makeup!Beautiful.

Hi there, this is Tracy. I’m a skin care and makeup enthusiasts who love to explore beauty products from around the world. In my blog “Makeup! Beautiful.” I wish to share with you some of the most excellent products in skin care and cosmetics from my perspective. I truly wish that you’d find this blog an enjoyment to explore.

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