CAUDALIE is in sale 20%-50%, ends 5/2

My favorite brand of face mist – Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir (100ml/30ml) are selling at US 39.20 / US14.40 (original price at US 49 & 18)! It spreads so evenly on skin without smearing makeup but leaving hydration and a wonderful natural scent that totally refreshed your senses!

Check out the official site for more info on the Friends & Family Sale! Sales end May 2nd, so act quick if you are running low!  ❤


(My current bottle is JASON WU edition 30ml from Sephora)

It’s soon to be summer and if you are running low on face mist, now is the time to restock them! :3 :3 :3 This was a must-have in my friend’s every handbag, and it has been my must-have for every bag too! ❤


Author: Tracy @ Makeup!Beautiful.

Hi there, this is Tracy. I’m a skin care and makeup enthusiasts who love to explore beauty products from around the world. In my blog “Makeup! Beautiful.” I wish to share with you some of the most excellent products in skin care and cosmetics from my perspective. I truly wish that you’d find this blog an enjoyment to explore.

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