My Experience with Forencos Song Joong Ki 7 Days Mask 

Hello, everyone! This is mask week! This week I want to talk about a Korean brand — the FORENCOS Song Joong Ki 7 Days Mask! I’ve been putting this off for so long mainly because….I couldn’t have the heart to open the package with Song Joong-Ki oba looking right at cha!! :3

When the mask first came out I thought it was meant for guys. Then on a closer look, I realized it’s meant for girls! Song Joong-Ki is very popular K-star in Asia these days, and it is very hard not to want to bring these home! It also masks that cover a whole week’s need, so I thought, why not give it a try? 🙂

Tuesday – Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Sheet Mask

Tuesday’s mask was the first one I’ve tried. It was the Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Sheet Mask. Inside the packaging, there’s not tons of serum product left over but the sheet is very well soaked. The serum does not look like anything volcanic but a clear orange-ish liquid formula. I had it on my skin for 20 mins, and the sheet was still wet when I took it off.


Very nicely, the mask didn’t cause me any irritations. I don’t know if it really detoxed but it felt very hydrated. The only thing I don’t like is when after the serum dried it became a little too sticky even after I applied my usual face cream. I felt my skin couldn’t breathe anymore, so at the end, I have to rinse it off before sleep. Good thing that the hydration effect was still there the next morning.

Wednesday – Caviar Moisture Silk Mask

The serum of this mask is a clear colorless liquid. Again, you can wear it for 20 mins without it drying out on your face. It still has the stickiness to it for the mask residue, but this time, instead of washing it off, I wiped it off with some toner before applying face cream. My face was left feeling hydrated and breathable.


It is worth to note that this night, I happened to have only 1.5 hrs of sleep, but when I got up, my skin doesn’t look so tired as it usually would. I was also able to wear a full day long-wearing foundation without feeling dryness on my skin.

Thursday – Tea tree Relax Silk Mask

This is the 3rd day of me using this series of masks (since I started on Tuesday) and this morning I woke up noticing some small bumps and whiteheads around the edge of my face. It’s usually a sign that I’ve been using something a bit too rich for my skin. I had not changed anything in my routine so I assumed this was caused by the mask. Luckily, today’s mask is Teatree for soothing, so I presumed on using today’s mask.


It’s indeed a lighter formula, more refreshing than the previous two masks. The clear liquid inside the package is not as thick/rich as the previous two, but I still choose to wipe off all the residues with a refreshing toner after removing the mask. This time my face felt more refreshing and breathable even after applying the same face cream I did on the previous two nights.

Friday – Gold Regenerating Silk Mask

I decided to let my skin rest for a day before continuing, so I skipped Friday. Today I’m using the Friday mask but it’s actually Saturday.


The liquid in this one again is clear and colorless, not thick as the first 2 masks but just a tiny bit thicker than the Tea tree. No gold flakes. My skin felt hydrated after the mask, not ask sticky when the serum dried on skin. However, somehow I still felt that my skin would feel much better if I wipe it off with toner before applying face cream.

Saturday – Mayu Elastic Silk Mask

I always am a little put off by Mayu as a skincare ingredient despite it is a popular hydration ingredient in Asia. It’s a popular ingredient in many Japanese and Korean skincare products, but I find the idea a bit scary (horse oil?!?! @@), and usually the product has a horrible smell (to me, maybe not to others). That is not the case with this mask. The mask is scented but doesn’t have the usual smell which a Mayu product would have. It’s very hydrated just like the other Forencos masks in this series.


The liquid is clear, has a flowery scent but dries a bit sticky with a slight silky touch. Again it still felt a bit too much with face cream so I had to wipe some residue off before completing my routine. In terms of hydration effect on the next morning, so far I think this one works the best.

Sunday – Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask

Boy, this mask is so highly scented. The liquid is clear, doesn’t dry as sticky as the other ones, which is nice. When the mask is on the face, I felt my skin was somewhat breathable still under the mask. However, all of the mask in this series is somewhat scented, but the scent in this one is a lot more noticeable than the others.


The scent fades away gradually throughout the time when I was wearing it (maybe cuz I got used to it?). Still, I wiped off residues with toner before applying cream over it. The next morning, my skin felt hydrated but not noticeably brighter. There’s also no allergic reaction, skin rash, whiteheads or pimples.

Monday – Swallow’s Nest Nutrition Silk Mask

Finally, here comes the last mask! This mask is also very hydrating like all the other ones. A Clear liquid formula that’s slightly thicker than the Tea tree one but not as thick as the Mayu. No overwhelming scent like the Black Pearl. Except for hydration, I don’t feel anything else in particular. It dries a bit sticky on the skin so as usual, I removed the residues with toner before applying face cream. Skin felt hydrated the next morning.


To sum it up, I’d say the Thursday – Tea tree Relax Silk Mask and the Saturday – Mayu Elastic Silk Mask are my favorites out of these 7 masks. The Tuesday – Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Sheet Mask and Wednesday – Caviar Moisture Silk Mask are my least favorites. The Sunday – Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask felt good on skin but the scent is too strong for me.

Overall, all 7 masks hydrate the skin very well (and long lasting), the paper cut fits very well on my face, and they don’t dry out on the skin within 20 mins of usage. All of them are somewhat scented and dries sticky on the skin. If you are looking for masks with good hydration power that lasts, this series can be an option with a friendly price (about US$2/pcs). 

However, do be aware that the scent is a bit strong, and some of the mask can be a bit too much for sensitive skin and causing breakouts.

For me I probably would not repurchase this set of mask though I do enjoyed seeing Song Joong-Ki oba on the packaging everyday for the past week. 😋


Author: Tracy @ Makeup!Beautiful.

Hi there, this is Tracy. I’m a skin care and makeup enthusiasts who love to explore beauty products from around the world. In my blog “Makeup! Beautiful.” I wish to share with you some of the most excellent products in skin care and cosmetics from my perspective. I truly wish that you’d find this blog an enjoyment to explore.

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