PAT MCGRATH SKIN FETISH 003 is stunningly beautiful! I saw this product in one makeup Youtuber’s video and I fell in love with it immediately. The product is always out-of-stock. After waiting for it to restock, I’ve finally got my 2 sets!

Each package comes with 1 Shine Stick (balm + highlighter), a fine 003 pigment pack, and a Buffer brush. A set costs US$72 (tax not included), which may seem costly if you think of the set as 1 product, but if you really think of it, it is 3 quality products for just US$72. 


Skin Fetish 003 has 2 color sets:

[Version: Nude] Iridescent Pink 003 pigment 0.14 oz. / Nude Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo 0.26 oz. / Buffer 003 brush

[Version: Golden] Fine Gold 003 pigment 0.14 oz. / Golden Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo 0.26 oz. / Buffer 003 brush


PAT MCGRATH Labs is very well known for its high-quality, high-pigmentation and high-shine makeup product lines. Created by Pat McGrath, the makeup artist, its products are widely used in the fashion industry. Every Time when a new product is released, it usually sold out very quickly and many are limited editions that will be hard to obtain later on. Both versions of Skin Fetish 003 are divine, and I couldn’t bare not to have both. But, if you really want to see which one is right for you, here’s the color close-up.


This is the Shiny Stick’s highlighter. Its balms are the same and transparent so I won’t feature here.


The Pigment packets are quite similar if looking at them like this, but very different when applying on skin. I’ll show again in below photo for the color differences.


Version Nude (left); Version Golden (right). Such a party to open this bag of glitters!

If you are wondering which one of the 2 will give you a super high shine, I think below video can help.

[Check Out the 15 sec Quick Video]


This is just a little bit of product, and a little bit goes a long way already! Maybe below video would help to present a more true-to-life color.

[Check out the 15 Sec Quick Video for color swatching]

What’s best about these sets is that there are many ways you can wear Skin Fetish 003. If apply subtly, you can create a natural looking skin that glows, and if apply heavily, for a more dramatic look. You can also use the pigment pack as a subtle high-shine eyeshadow. For me, I often like to create a dewy skin look, and this product is perfect for this purpose.


To sum it up, if you like Pat McGrath’s brand, but like me, you often wear a natural look and rarely use anything dramatic, Skin Fetish 003 is the perfect set for you to start with! And, as a side note, I saved all the glitters in bottles. Though they are part of the packaging but they can be reused for other arts & crafts! 😀


Author: Tracy @ Makeup!Beautiful.

Hi there, this is Tracy. I’m a skin care and makeup enthusiasts who love to explore beauty products from around the world. In my blog “Makeup! Beautiful.” I wish to share with you some of the most excellent products in skin care and cosmetics from my perspective. I truly wish that you’d find this blog an enjoyment to explore.


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